Friday, July 08, 2005

Weeks 13 for いちがき。。。。。

Morning, appointment with Ono sensei.. reduced the dose from 100mg to 75mg. He applied nitrogen on that small tumor... daijoubu desu

Yesterday Athirah and Haziq asked me to see their hand work at school, since today is the last day for kobetsukondan at their school so easy for me to enter the school. I went there around 1.30 and waited for them outside. Athirah showed me her plants, fingerlady and eggplant. Haziq's plant was morning glory (あさがお)(we have brought back after kobetsukondan) and tomato. They also shawed me their drawing at the hall which I have seen it last Wednesday. Athirah want me to see her handycraft that was selected to put infornt of teacher's room. She is very happy to show me. Haziq also want to show me his tanabata's wish.. that is びゅいんのせんせいいになりましおに to おにちゃんにいじめられないよに (I want to be a doctor and don't bully me my brother)

Afternoon, we went to Maruyama Koen with Lynn and her kids. Athirah and Haziq cycled to Maruyama,,.. enjoying the evening with soccer, sliding and cycling at Maruyama koen.

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